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Ensuring Business Continuity Amid the 3G Switch-Off: Sat.One’s Enterprise Low-Earth-Orbit

June 15, 2024
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Businesses and enterprise customers throughout Australia are raising significant questions about the possible effects on their operations as Australia gets ready to phase out its 3G network. Although the move to 4G and 5G networks promises improved speeds and capabilities, many companies—especially those in distant and rural areas—are anxious about possible disruptions during this change—fortunately, Sat.One's Enterprise Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network provides a workable and creative substitute to guarantee continuous company operations with LEO's outstanding capacity to deliver low-latency, high-speed connectivity even in places lacking 4G and 5G networks.

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry have underlined that many small companies might need to learn about the approaching closure or whether their equipment needs upgrading. Since many company operations still depend on 3G networks for many systems—including record-keeping, accounting, bookings, payroll, telephones, EFTPOS, security systems, cameras, and asset-tracking tools—this is a crucial problem. Reservations concerning possible disruptions to EFTPOS terminals, industrial routers, scanners, and telematics have also been voiced by the Australian Association of Convenience Stores and the National Retail Association. Ignoring to switch to a dependable substitute like Enterprise LEO solutions could cause major operational interruptions and potentially loss of income.

Offering dependable and constant connectivity—even in places lacking 4G and 5G networks—Sat.One Enterprise LEO can help solve these obstacles. Changing to this satellite network guarantees that daily operations remain continuous for companies depending on 3G for basic services, including EFTPOS terminals, security systems, and telematics, conserving income sources and sustaining customer happiness. This continuation is essential for companies in rural and distant locations where the 3G network has been a lifeline.

Enterprise LEO solutions offer significant benefits to various industries, including logistics and agriculture, which rely on real-time asset tracking. In the logistics industry, for instance, LEO satellites ensure precise and timely data transfer, which is crucial for effective operations and decision-making. The enhanced asset tracking and management capabilities in the agriculture industry enable companies to streamline their operations and increase overall output. These are just a few examples of how Enterprise LEO can cater to the specific needs of different sectors, offering a potential for growth and improvement.

Many companies have adjusted to remote work models in the digital era, mostly depending on internet connectivity for tools of communication and teamwork. Sat.One's fast, low-latency, high-speed enterprise LEO guarantees that companies anywhere can keep production and flawless communication intact. As businesses negotiate the changing work environment, remote work and communications support is essential.

Businesses still give primary importance to security; the Enterprise LEO network helps surveillance systems guarantee ongoing asset protection and monitoring. This is especially crucial for operations in remote or rural areas, where security issues are more acute. LEO satellites' consistent communication guarantees that security and surveillance systems run at their best, therefore giving business owners peace of mind.

The Sat.One LEO system is a dependable backup choice that will help even companies in cities. Should a terrestrial network experience congestion or failure, the satellite network offers a backup that guarantees business continuity. Maintaining constant operations and stopping possible losses from connectivity problems depend on this redundancy.

Ultimately, companies throughout Australia need help with the 3G network closure—still, Sat.One's Enterprise LEO solutions offer a forward-looking way to ensure business clients stay connected and operational. Using this innovative technology will help companies negotiate the change without disturbance, thereby preserving their output and quality of service. Enterprise Low-Earth-Orbit satellites give Australian companies dependability and Internet connectivity, which are essential for modern businesses survival.

Matt Carter
Senior Channel Director