Land Mobile Enterprise LEO Solutions

Fixed Land Terminals: Unwavering Connectivity Where You Need It Most

Unlock new horizons in land connectivity with Sat.One's global high-speed coverage and low latency solutions, designed to connect the unconnected in Australia and New Zealand's most remote locations.

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Unwavering Connectivity Across Diverse Terrains

In the diverse and expansive terrains of Australia and New Zealand, where traditional networks falter, Sat.One pioneers with broadband speeds through Enterprise-grade low-earth-orbit connectivity, tailored for fixed locations. Our land-fixed satellite solutions deliver steadfast and reliable connectivity, ensuring that enterprises, government entities, and communities remain connected, irrespective of their geographical challenges. With Sat.One, embrace a future where connectivity is a given, not a luxury, enabling enhanced decision-making, analytics, and IoT applications that drive performance and efficiency, solidifying the foundation of your stationary operations.

Revolutionising Mining with Connected Solutions

Sat.One's land-fixed terminals are transforming the mining industry by enabling digital advancements that enhance the quality of life for workers, optimise operational efficiency, and ensure safety in some of the most remote and challenging environments. Our connectivity solutions support a range of critical applications, from autonomous operations to telemedicine, fostering a safer, more efficient, and connected mining community.

Empowering Education with Reliable Connectivity

Sat.One's land-fixed terminals are revolutionising education by enabling digital learning environments, even in the most remote locations. By providing consistent, low-latency connectivity, we support a range of educational applications, from digital classrooms to lifelong learning centres. Our tailored solutions ensure that schools can leverage advanced broadband and IT services, fostering an environment where students and educators can thrive regardless of their geographical challenges.

Advanced Connectivity for Modern Healthcare

Sat.One's land-fixed terminals are transforming healthcare by enabling a wide array of digital services and applications. From telemedicine to real-time patient monitoring, our reliable connectivity solutions ensure that healthcare providers can offer enhanced care, support remote healthcare delivery, and maintain continuous operation, even in the most remote locations.

Empowering Communities and Government with Reliable Broadband

Sat.One's land-fixed terminals are pivotal in bridging the digital divide, providing government entities and local communities with the connectivity they need to thrive. From enabling e-government services to enhancing community engagement, our solutions foster a connected environment where information is accessible, and services are delivered efficiently. Whether it's for public administration, emergency services, or community development, our robust broadband ensures that government operations and community initiatives are supported by a reliable and secure network.

Seamless Connectivity for Remote Offices and Business Continuity

In today's interconnected world, continuous connectivity is not just a convenience—it's a necessity for businesses of all sizes. Sat.One's land-fixed terminals provide a lifeline for remote offices, ensuring that critical business operations, from payroll to customer communications, remain uninterrupted. Our LEO satellite solutions offer a resilient backup, supporting business continuity and enabling real-time data analytics, cybersecurity, and resource management, even in the most isolated locations.

Revolutionising Retail Connectivity for Enhanced Customer Experience

In the fast-evolving retail sector, digital technology is not just an enabler but a critical driver of success. Sat.One's land-fixed terminals provide the backbone for a myriad of digital retail services, from seamless point-of-sale transactions to advanced inventory management. Our reliable, high-speed connectivity ensures that retail operations, whether in bustling urban centres or remote pop-up locations, remain connected, offering customers a seamless shopping experience and retailers a competitive edge.

Explore Our Range of Advanced User Terminals

Tailored for Oceania's harsh and demanding conditions, our selection of high-performance terminals from Intellian, Kymeta, and Hughes ensures reliable connectivity wherever you are.

Intellian OneWeb LEO parabolic user terminal image

Intellian: Compact and Advanced

Experience the cutting-edge technology of Intellian's flat-panel user terminals, featuring Electronic Steered Phased Array Antennas. These compact and lightweight terminals are perfect for operations requiring mobility and efficiency, providing reliable connectivity even in the diverse terrains of ANZ.

Kymeta: Robust Connectivity

Kymeta's user terminals redefine robustness with their durable flat-panel design and Holographic Beamforming technology. Ideal for environments where durability and performance are paramount, Kymeta ensures consistent and reliable communication for your land-mobile needs.

Hughes: Cutting-edge connectivity

Revolutionise stationary connectivity the Hughes low-profile Electronically Steered Antenna (ESA), perfect for fixed enterprise setups. Offering robust, high-bandwidth, and low-latency communication, this terminal is built for durability and ease of use in any outdoor environment.

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