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Enterprise-grade support for business critical communications

At Sat.One, we understand the critical nature of low-earth-orbit satellite solutions for systems integrators and managed service providers. That's why our support goes beyond 'best-effort' — providing enterprise-ready, robust assistance 24/7. Our partnership with OneWeb ensures that support is continuous and comprehensive, guaranteeing that your service is always up and running with minimal disruptions.

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Our Network Operations Center with back-to-back support from OneWeb, monitors services round-the-clock, and ensuring immediate action and support.

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We guarantee exceptional support for critical communications with personalised service agreements.

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With infrastructure redundancy across the east and west coasts, we provide a robust and reliable network.

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Benefit from local expertise with our dedicated onshore teams, ensuring swift and efficient service.

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Benefit from local expertise with our dedicated onshore teams, ensuring swift and efficient service.

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Our local account management team supports your deals and operational needs effectively.

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Explore our FAQs to learn how Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology is revolutionising connectivity for businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

What is the Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) refers to the region of space within 2,000 kilometres above the Earth's surface. It is the closest orbital space to Earth, making it ideal for various satellite applications, including communication and Earth observation. Satellites in LEO orbit the Earth rapidly, typically completing revolutions in about 90 to 120 minutes. Due to their proximity to Earth, LEO satellites provide key advantages like reduced communication latency and lower launch costs compared to those operating in higher orbits. This orbit is particularly advantageous for industries in remote areas of Australia and New Zealand, such as mining, emergency services, and telehealth, where reliable, rapid communication is crucial.

What are the benefits of using LEO satellites for enterprise communications?

LEO satellites offer significant benefits for enterprise communications by providing high-speed, low-latency internet and data services globally. This technology is particularly advantageous for businesses operating in Australia and New Zealand’s remote and rural areas, enhancing capabilities in real-time data transfer, improving operational efficiency, and enabling seamless cloud-based services and IoT connectivity.

How do LEO satellites improve connectivity in remote and rural areas?

Sat.One's LEO services ensures comprehensive coverage and reliable internet access across vast and sparsely populated regions of Australia and New Zealand. By operating closer to the Earth, these satellites reduce data transmission delays and disruptions, providing stable and fast connectivity essential for industries such as mining, healthcare, and first-responders in remote locations.

What is the cost comparison between LEO satellite systems and traditional broadband?

In Australia and New Zealand, deploying LEO satellite systems like OneWeb often proves more cost-effective than traditional broadband options such as fibre and 4G/5G, especially in remote areas. Fibre deployment incurs high upfront costs and is time-consuming across difficult terrains, whereas LEO satellites can quickly provide extensive coverage without extensive ground infrastructure. Although initial setup costs for satellite might be higher, the ability to offer reliable, broadband-like speeds and low-latency connectivity across vast, under-served regions can outweigh the expense and logistical challenges of expanding terrestrial networks, making LEO satellites a practical choice for rapid and scalable connectivity solutions.

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