Marine Enterprise LEO Solutions

Advanced Marine Connectivity Solutions for Diverse Nautical Needs

Navigate the waters of Australia and New Zealand with confidence, as Sat.One delivers unparalleled marine connectivity solutions. From offshore support to private yachting, our technology ensures operational efficiency and crew welfare, overcoming the unique challenges of maritime communication.

Exclusive Enterprise LEO Connectivity across ANZ Coastal Waters

Sat.One stands as the sole distributor of enterprise LEO satellite services capable of reaching up to 300 nautical miles off the coasts of Australia and New Zealand. Our advanced marine connectivity solutions cater to a broad spectrum of nautical needs. Whether it's for offshore operations, private yachting, or commercial voyages, Sat.One ensures unmatched operational efficiency and crew welfare. Experience reliable communication tailored to the unique challenges of maritime environments with Sat.One.

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Advanced Connectivity for Offshore Operations

Sat.One's flexible products and services enhance offshore operations, offering operational resilience, real-time automation, and predictive maintenance. Our solutions cater to a range of offshore activities, from FPSOs to OSVs, supporting real-time control and onshore management of assets, which reduces operational costs and enhances safety and efficiency in oil, gas, and wind farm operations.

Connectivity Driving Smart Energy Innovations

Empower your smart energy projects with Sat.One's connectivity solutions, enabling real-time monitoring and control of renewable energy sources. Our technology facilitates secure, efficient management of energy assets, supporting the transition to sustainable energy practices in marine environments.

Empowering Remote Operations with Seamless Connectivity

Enable effective remote operations and marine research with Sat.One's dedicated connectivity, ensuring precise control and data collection. Our solutions support a variety of research activities and remote-operated missions, providing the necessary data bandwidth and reliability for success in ANZ's maritime regions.

Revolutionising Commercial Fishing with Connectivity

Transform your fishing operations with Sat.One's unparalleled connectivity, offering real-time data and analytics up to 300 nautical miles off the ANZ coasts. Enhance port activities, comply with sustainable practices, and ensure efficient trade with our solutions that enable seafood traceability and responsible reporting.

Enhancing Maritime Leisure with High-Speed Connectivity

Sat.One redefines leisure at sea, providing high-throughput, scalable connectivity for cruising, yachting, and leisure activities. Ensure passengers and owners enjoy digital normality and flexible plans, supporting everything from remote work to entertainment, while also enhancing passenger safety and vessel monitoring.

Reliable Connectivity for Critical Marine Emergency Services

Strengthen marine emergency responses with Sat.One's dependable connectivity, ensuring effective coordination and rapid action. Our solutions support critical communication and real-time data sharing, essential for emergency services operating in the challenging maritime conditions of ANZ.

Explore Our Range of Advanced User Terminals

Tailored for Oceania's harsh and demanding conditions, our selection of high-performance terminals from Intellian, Kymeta, and Hughes ensures reliable connectivity wherever you are.

Intellian OneWeb LEO parabolic user terminal image

Intellian: Uninterrupted Connectivity

Discover the advanced capabilities of Intellian's parabolic user terminals, equipped with sophisticated 3-axis stabilisation for precise satellite tracking. These robust and reliable terminals are ideal for maritime environments, ensuring consistent, high-speed connectivity and low latency across the ever-changing seas of ANZ

Kymeta: Robust Connectivity

Kymeta's user terminals redefine robustness with their durable flat-panel design and Holographic Beamforming technology. Ideal for marine environments where durability and performance are paramount, Kymeta ensures consistent and reliable communication for your maritime needs.

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